Book Review: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

I first started this blog reviewing the trilogy as a whole (because I managed to binge read it in just over a week!), but I soon realised how many spoilers I would have to give, and I wanted it to be spoiler free.

Therefore, this review will be more about the first book A Court of Thorns and Roses, and won’t reveal any spoilers, but are just my general thoughts on the novel.

If you haven’t read any of these books before, make sure you make plenty of time because it is one heck of an addictive read. I couldn’t put it down and I started to get real agitated when people interrupted my intense ACOTAR sesh.

Looking back on all the books in this trilogy, I think that Feyre’s character development is incredible. Her mental and physical health and capabilities really shaped the novel and the series. At the beginning of the book she’s a poor, sickly and weak child that is hunting for animals to feed herself and her family. But she always strives to take care of herself and doesn’t want to rely on others for help and that’s what I love about her. She isn’t some damsel in distress that needs saving, but she always attempts to save herself even if she can’t physically, she has faith in herself mentally. Keep that in mind when you come to read the second book as her relationship with a certain male changes…

I was told it was a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast, and I definitely understand the likeness to it in the first half of A Court of Thorns and Roses but after that, not so much.

I was taken aback by the amount of explicit sexual content there was within the trilogy, so please be aware that this is New Adult and not Young Adult fiction. This is another reason why the series is unlike the children orientated, Disney book and film…

However, the fantasy part of it all was really interesting. Firstly the world-building with all the different courts – winter, autumn, summer, night, day…etc., made up Prythian, were portrayed really well. I don’t tend to like really long, descriptive and confusing world-building (for example, Game of Thrones, couldn’t read that to save my life). So, even though it was set in the world of Prythian, the names of places and the High Fae aren’t confusing and the story can be easily followed without too much concentration, or having to remind yourself of where the characters were or wondering “who was that again?”

The different types of creatures like Suriel’s, Attor’s and a Bogge. They are so drastically different to the picturesque environment of the Spring Court, which really emphasises their scary and evil character.

And I loved the plot twists which just never ended; you’ll always be kept on edge.

I think this series is an all-rounder to be honest. It fuels that desire for a fantasy world with lots of magic and scary beasts, but also has a lot of romance in it. It’s also an easy read but does get gradually more intense as the series continues.

The last book in series is EPIC, and everything ties together so well. Every book in this series made me laugh or cry, or seethe with anger.

So yes, I would very much recommend this series as it ticks all the boxes and more.

“To the stars who listen – and the dreams that are answered.”

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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