BQW – The Art of Re-Reading

Do you re-read books?

The only book I have reread that I can remember is the Twilight series (yes, guilty as charged).

Even during university, I avoided re-reading like it was the plague. Of course, I would re-read certain extracts/chapters to analyse and discuss for essays, but I would never re-read the entire book again.

It would totally benefit me to re-read some of my favourite books again. I can remember the main plot – which I’m sure most/pretty much all of you can do – from the first time I read the book.

But, unless I am writing an essay about the book, I tend to struggle recollecting the names of characters/names of places in a book too 🙈 THIS IS WHY I COULDN’T READ GAME OF THRONES 😂

Fantasy is my favourite genre ever but I’m starting to struggle with remembering all the finer details. I mean, if I can’t remember a character’s name, what chance do I have to remember the finer and crucial details? 😩

Is it just me that struggles with re-reading books but knows they need to re-read it to fully understand and appreciate the whole story? 😅

I can also never remember quotes from books. Some people can remember their favourite quotes, but literally, nothing sticks in my head 😂 If you remember quotes, please tell me how! 😂

I praise those that do re-read books because clearly I need to 😂

Please share your thoughts about re-reading books in the comments. Is this something you do just for your favourite books? Or do you not do it all like me?

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